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We are the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT) and our mission is to promote Brand Italia. Present in more than 20 countries, we partner with a wide network of local, regional, national, and international stakeholders.

Here at ILTM, we want to showcase some of our best luxury destinations and cities of art, where the Dolce Vita and the Italian way of life meet our astonishing cultural and natural heritage. And, since you are here, don’t miss the opportunity to have a look at our virtual exhibition!


A repertoire of national images unveils the beauty, culture and art of Italy as told through the eyes of the Italian National Tourist Board. DIVE IN!

This exhibition is the result of extensive work to recover the Agency's history, which began on our centenary in 2019 with the publication of Promoting Beauty. ENIT: one hundred years of cultural policies and tourism strategies in Italy. The aim is to showcase the incredible work done by the institution to construct and present the image of Italy in a digital and interactive way. The virtual experience thus becomes a tool to convey in a widespread way the message behind the mission of ENIT: to promote Italy.

Don't miss our virtual exhibition!

Luxury Destinations

Campania. #worldheritage.

A region rich in art, culture, architecture, creativity, and beauty, Campania offers spectacular landscapes and 9 impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Discover Campania


Lombardy. #inLombardia.

From the splendour of Milan's “Quadrilatero della Moda” to the exclusive hotels on the beautiful lakes, Lombardy is the perfect destination for a luxury holiday.

Discover Lombardy

Puglia. Unexpected Italy.

Luscious, authentic, and visionary. Puglia is a mosaic of cultures, art, nature, food & wine, blending its amazing heritage with genuine Mediterranean atmospheres.

Discover Puglia​​​

Cities of Art

A City of Contrasting Balance

A land where slow food and fast cars meet, where the most precious gems are revealed in hidden places, where the attention to detail produces culinary excellence. Take an exciting journey in the City of Towers and Porticoes. Take a stroll through artisan workshops, where the instruments that have made Bologna a UNESCO City of Music are carefully built. Let yourself be captured by the roar of the engines. Go off the beaten paths; explore the endless green landscapes of the metropolitan area.

Discover Bologna


Art, Culture and Elegance in Florence

Florence is the Renaissance worldwide gem, a true open-air museum and an entire historic center protected by UNESCO. It’s the ideal place to experience elegance and unmistakable Tuscan taste. A city to live slowly: smell fragrances from gardens, taste unique dishes and wines in historical restaurants or discover the genius of great artists. Florence is not only world-class art galleries but is also the ideal place for a luxury shopping experience, from the Ponte Vecchio to Oltrarno district

Feel Florence Discover Florence

An Unexpected Cultural Capital

Explore the historic centre of Genoa to discover the signs of its long history. Medieval churches and buildings tell us about a port master of the Mediterranean. Sumptuous Renaissance and Baroque palaces—now UNESCO sites—allow us to imagine the richness and the refinement of a European financial capital, complete with beautiful architectures, refined frescoes & decorations, and astonishing art collections. And the touch of Renzo Piano stands out in Porto Antico.

Discover Genoa

Matera, Your Boutique Destination in Basilicata, Southern Italy

As the new trailer demonstrates, countless scenes in the twenty-fifth James Bond movie were filmed in Matera—a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the 2019 European Capital of Culture—a city in the southern Italian region of Basilicata. The upcoming movie, which stars Daniel Craig in the lead role for the fifth and final time, was directed by Cary Fukunaga who took over the reins from the outgoing Bond director, Danny Boyle. We cannot wait to watch the forthcoming No Time to Die, watch the trailer here!

Discover Matera


Leonardo & Milano, It's a Match

Leonardo and Milan were meant to cross paths. On the one hand, a multitalented artist, futuristic engineer, painter, architect, and musician. On the other, a growing city finally at peace, able to attract talented people and set fashion trends and customs throughout Europe. Only a few people know that Leonardo spent the most prolific part of his life in Milan, where he found a thriving commercial hub with a penchant for innovation, just like nowadays. It was his adopted hometown. Discover how he reshaped the city.

Discover Milan

Palermo, the Mediterranean Queen

The Sicilian capital is lively, colourful and diverse. Breathe the spirit of the city by admiring the mosaics that enrich the monuments of the Arab-Norman UNESCO World Heritage route or by walking along the Cassaro, the main street of the historic center. See pieces of Arab, Phoenician, Norman, Byzantine, Greek, Bourbon, and Baroque history, cultures, and art. And experience the contemporary and street art installations that today flourish in many spaces of the city, adding to its rebirth and social renewal.

Discover Palermo


Rome: the City of time

Back to Rome, yes, but back to find deeper inspiration. From refined archaeological sites—Domus Aurea, Trajan's Markets, and Diocletian’s Baths—to ancient neighbourhoods: discover parks, old palaces, and amazing art collections. Then for a taste of the contemporary world, see MAXXI, Ara Pacis, and La Nuvola. And before flying back, experience the excellence of Rome Airport and its shopping mall with 50 high-end brand shops at the unique 22% VAT-free prices, in perfect safety thanks to international certifications.

Discover Rome

Venice, the Art City of Doges

Venice is one of the most outstanding UNESCO sites. Saint Mark’s Square, Rialto Bridge, and the wonderful palaces on the Grand Canal: everyone knows the places that make this city famous. But, Venice is so much more. Wander the labyrinth of calli, campielli, and bridges to discover more secluded churches, unusual museums, ancient cloisters, or secret gardens, close to patrician mansions and monumental buildings. Stay in Venice as long as possible to explore its lesser-known places.

Discover Venice
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